How to Build a Webcam Missile Launcher Page 3 Disassembly
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How to build a Webcam Missile Launcher


And now the disassembly of the missile launcher.  Unfortunately it will not be as simple as just removing the rear missile housing.  Instead we have to access that component, literally from the inside.  So let's start. 

Peel off the rubber feet from the bottom of the launcher to reveal the screws holding the base on.  Set the rubber feet to the side and try not to get them dirty so we can put them back on later. 

After removing the base screws, open up the bottom, being careful not to break any solder joints on the many wires inside.  Note the strain relief for the USB cable.  We will have to restore that when we put it back together. 

Remove the two screws indicated by the arrows.  These are the only two screws holding the yaw (side to side) motor in place.  The other screws hold the yaw motor assembly together and we don't want to let those pieces loose. 

Pulling out the yaw motor mount, we can see the white yaw gear and the shield over half of it.  Remove the two screws holding the shield in place.  Now note that we will be dealing with wires threaded through holes as we go.  Be gentle with them. 

Now remove the three screws holding the yaw gear to the upper housing. 

Yaw gear detached and once again, note the wires threading though the center of the unit.  The wires on the side inside this housing are for the rotation limit switches.  Can't be spinning all the way around now can we?  If we did, the wires would wind up and break, the limit switches prevent that. 

Now the upper housing can be pulled away from the base housing (but not too far!).  You can now see the missile pitch (up and down) motor unit. 

Remove the three screws holding the pitch motor unit to the upper housing. 

Almost there, remove the four screws that hold down the pitch axle to the upper housing. 

The aforementioned axle mount. 

And now, finally, the rear missile housing can be removed. 

Page 1 - Introduction Page 2 - Preparation Page 3 - Disassembly Page 4 - Mounting Page 5 - Reassembly Page 6 - fun time