Curt's tete-a-tete at PRC circa 1974

Welcome to Curt and Sea Rostenbach's web site.

The contents of these pages will be constantly changing.  I intend to display the various projects I've worked on over the years.



A Pro Looks At ProDos

Articles I wrote in the '80s for the Waukegan Apple Users Group (WAUG) that were republished in Computer Trader Magazine (CTM), International Apple Corps (IAC), and Canada's Maple Orchard.

Alien Brain Music

Music I've created with friends from their performances.


My history of creating a program to play Battleship against a human opponent.


A friend was asked to catalog a stuffed bear collection. It took him a while.

BIS: The Final Frontier

A video and the saga behind it, that Ken Picha and I created when we were at CCH (Commerce Clearing House) in 1993.

Converted Overstrike Posters

Back in the 70's, these were printed on 14"x11" lineprinter paper using character overstrikes and then taped together into wall posters. I've taken the raw overstrike files and converted them to numbers, which were then processed into JPEGs.

CT Scan

A CT Scan from my little medical adventure back in 2005-2006. Take a virtual tour through Curt. NEW Version Now images are preloaded for faster viewing.

Curt TV

Videos I've created. Now with YouTube host links.


The Emergency Medical Services Mobile Intensive Care Units Data Base Management System I wrote for Loyala University and Ingalls Hospitals. A study in feature creep.

Language Plus

The development history of Micro Lab's Relocating Linking Loader and Language Plus, a system that used the Ampersand command in AppleSoft BASIC to create robust business applications for the Apple ][.

Mona Lisa

How I created routines to reproduce the Mona Lisa from a dataset I acquired in the '70s. Will also include other "overprint" posters of the era. Now with Mona Lisa: The Mountain on YouTube

Updates soon!!

PDP-8/I Front panel

A simulation of a Digital Equipment Corporation's PDP (Program Data Processor) 8/I front panel executing "Nulljob" (counting to itself). The computer I learned to program in high school.


Photographs taken by Curt and Sea.


Political videos I've collected

Science Fiction

Science fiction stories I've written.

Sea Stuff

Sea's pages.

SofTalk Micro Lab article

Interview by SofTalk magazine of Micro Lab, Inc.

Space - 3D Rotations

SPACE - the final frontier. Not quite. It's a 3D rotation program I wrote in 1975.

URL Cheater

You can enter URLs for addresses so you can download videos.

USB Webcam Missile Launcher

How to modify a USB Missile Launcher to mount a USB webcam on top for fun and profit.


Now with Weather History™! Back in service after being removed for a while. The outdoor temperature seems to read high.

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